Sunday, 8 January 2012

NEW start

i know, i know, i'm rubbish at updating this is it that LIFE gets in the way of all the fun stuff....well guess what? LIFE is the fun's so easy to set your mind to a negative response to all the mundane, repetitive and uninspiring things that need to be done every day/week/month but do you know what? they still need to be done whether you want to or not so try to find a way past feeling frustrated and thwarted...try to find all those minutes spent ironing/washing/school running etc etc etc etc!!! as opportunities for contemplation/meditation or even (my absolute favourite) DAYDREAMING......which is seriously underrated...allowing your thoughts to wander unheeded can lead to something wonderfully creative even if it nevers comes to's a reward in itself.....                              so anyway that's what i'm hoping to keep in mind this year....                              
LESS STRESS MORE DAYDREAMS    xxx Em         ps Emma does not advocate daydreaming whilst on school run and objects in mirror may be larger that they appear (remember that one boys!)                                                                                      


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