Tuesday, 11 October 2011

absence makes the heart grow fonder....or is it fondant.....mmm fondant

I am so sorry for the long gap since my last post...but I am currently appearing in the role of Florence Nightingale at Chez Moi Theatre.....my baby boy (12!! ) has anyhoo the reason for the sudden reappearance is my discovery of a fantastic film www.playaginfilm.com i urge you to watch the clips available.....i think it has a lot to say about the brave new world we live in and the kind of things we are (subliminally) teaching our children....

Friday, 19 August 2011

it's the Domino effect

Just a quick little idea.....who here has not got an unloved box of jenga guiltily shoved in a drawer or cupboard somewhere, leftover from the days of 'lets spend more quality family time together! How? Jenga?' The novelty soons wears off but those little blocks just hang around the house whispering 'use me, somehow, please!' A tiny piece of patterned paper, a stamp and some diamond glaze or glossy accents to top it off....cute

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

owl be seeing you

To see how a child can interpret your instructions can be so refreshing and innovative....i had a few friends kids over for a crafternoon session..using the Stampin up owl punch...just showed them the basic owl and then left them to it...this is the result...who could fail to be inspired by the promise of youth and the limitless imagination of a child....wonderful to see and a memory created for more than one person that day..i hope xx

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

what do you really need in life?

a simple question but the more i think about it the harder it becomes to answer.....to feel the cold, yielding sand between your toes on a breezy pembrokeshire beach....as they say 'the best things in life are free'..so true yet we are bombarded by advertising to believe our life is not quite complete without lastest gizmo/car/holiday...i'd like to take a step right back from this manufactured and manipulated life to strip down what really is essential....what do you think?

Saturday, 23 July 2011

welcome to my world...won't you come on in?

welcome to my new blog.....i'm just starting down a road with a totally new destination and would love some company along the way....i'm planning to have crafts, laughs and some thought provoking too...would love to see your comments